Luxury Living

on Tenerife

Luxury living on Tenerife

We are specialists in brokering the purchase and sale of luxury homes on Tenerife. We offer a wide selection of apartments in new builds and beautiful villas.

You can invest in land with us or build a house to your liking.

All our properties are located on the southern tip of Tenerife just minutes from the  Reina Sofia airport and a few minutes walk from the beach.

Come and enjoy the beauty of Tenerife for a holiday stay at any time of the year.

For specific dates, it is best to email us with the dates you are heading to Tenerife.

We will send you specific accommodation options available immediately. 

Enjoy your holiday in Tenerife in our apartment!

We offer complete support in the process of buying or renting houses, apartments and land in Tenerife.

From the initial steps, such as setting up a Spanish registration number, to the detailed administrative tasks, including land registry and utility rewriting and waste collection.

We are here to help you achieve your goals.

Your new home in Tenerife

Luxury properties are located in the southern tip of Tenerife, no more than a few tens of minutes from the airport.

Hostel in Los Abrigos

Sale of the hostel


La Giralda, Los Abrigos

Villa Amarilla Golf 1

Sale of villa


Amarilla Golf

Villa Amarilla Golf 2



Amarilla Golf

Villa in Sotavento 2 complex

Sale of villa


Playa de Sotavento, Tenerife

Villa in Sotavento 3

Sale of villa


Playa de Sotavento, Tenerife

Serenity complex

Price from


Costa Adeje, C. Luxemburgo

Why Tenerife property?

Luxury living in the perfect location.

I travelled all over the world and finally landed on the beautiful island of Tenerife. I have been selling and renting property here since 2011 and have helped dozens to hundreds of clients discover the beauty of this island, many of whom return.

Tenerife is not only a matter of the heart, there are also many practical reasons to have a property here.

One of these is European legislation – Tenerife is Spain, so subject to EU legislation, and the local currency is the Euro.

And then of course the climate. Tenerife is located near the Saharan Africa and is also cooled by the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike the European continent, the days are long in winter, the winters are mild and the summers are pleasant.

No wonder so many of our clients have chosen Tenerife for their home or holiday.

Fall in love with Tenerife too!



When buying or selling a property, we take care of all the legal and administrative matters, from setting up a Spanish identification number, setting up a Spanish bank account, transferring the property in the land registry to setting up utilities and municipal services.

If you are more interested in short-term rentals, you can count on your holiday being exactly as you want it. Having lived in Tenerife since 2011, I can recommend the most beautiful beaches or excursion routes. Our clients keep coming back to us.

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